We are Your Complete solution – Reinstatement work can be from ceiling to floor carpet, Toilet to Air Con cleaning… We can provide all of these services, and we supervise the project in all.  For quotation, please call.

What is Reinstatement?

In most leasing contract, the tenant needs to reinstate (to bring back to the original status when the tenant moves in) the premise when they move out.

Based on the conditions and terms of lease and any agreed guidelines, the tenant needs to carry out many kind of works as reinstatement project. This process can be quite time consuming and costly, so it is important that you check with the landlord in the details.


Reinstatement Works

Basically, anything you added when you moved in needs to be removed, and reinstated. In general, for office, internal walls/rooms, flooring, ceiling and wall reinstatement, repairing and cleaning.